Guernsey Schools Music Service

Authority name: Guernsey. Music centres: Grammar School and Princess Royal Centre for the Performing Arts: training in aural, theory, orchs, bands, choirs and chmbr music. Courses: Youth orch, wind band and choir courses locally and abroad, courses with visiting tutors. Ens: Guernsey youth orch, youth jazz orch, youth chmbr orch, concert wind band, training youth orch, training youth jazz orch. Str orchs: primary, jr, elementary and intermediate. Wind bands: jr, intermediate, sr, youth, primary br and ww. Choirs: youth, girls', intermediate, boys', jr, primary/Jeannette Elder.

Les Ozouets Campus
St Peter Port
United Kingdom

Contact(s)Tim Wright, head of service
Tel.01481 756097
Fax01481 243061
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