How to claim your listing

By claiming a listing you claim ownership and editorial access to the listing(s) in question. As well as allowing you to manage your listing, it will ensure that we notify you in advance of publication when your listing is to be produced in one of our three yearbooks:

The listing will also appear in all relevant Rhinegold publications.

To claim an existing listing please follow the process outlined below.

  1. Registration - You must first complete a short form to register to the site. The form can be found here.
  2. Find your listing - Search for your listing in the search bar or category navigation on the home page and follow the more information link to your listing’s page.
  3. Claim your listing - When on the listings’ page, follow the actions menu to the right of the title, then choose the ‘Claim listing’ option in the drop down menu.
  4. Verification – Once you have claimed your listing we will accept/reject your claim. We will send you notification of our decision as quickly as we can.

New Listings can be submitted under the 'Welcome [username]' menu once you have registered and are logged into our site.

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