North Tyneside Music Service Hub

Authority name: North Tyneside. Music centres: Sat mornings during term time at the Langdale Centre. Awards: Sing Up. Courses: Comprehensive range of inset courses and enrichment activities offered to support schools. Contact Julie Dorr for information: Ens: Concert band, training band, musical theatre group, children's choir, youth choir, youth orch, 2 rcdr consorts, Big Band, jr str ens, steel pan ens. Hub partnership organisations: YMCA, North East Steel Bands, Playhouse Theatre, Primary Heads, Secondary Co-ordinators, Linskill Community Centre.

Children, Young People and Learning Directorate, School Improvement Service
The Langdale Centre
Langdale Gardens
NE28 0HG
United Kingdom

Contact(s)Rob Smith, school improvement offr (PE, dance, mus, arts); Julie Dorr, school improvement adviser
Tel.0191 643 8520
Fax0191 200 1554
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